8 Nov 2019

Viewer Release Notes: v 7.6



Release Date: 2019-11-7


  • Extension Autodesk.ModelStructure now controls addition of Model Browser’s toolbar button. GuiViewer3D loads the extension by default.


  • Viewcube compass, which provides visual indicators for north, south, east and west directions.
  • BimWalk - Added jumpToFloor API.
  • RenderContext: Allow custom shapes to define their own edge opacity via material’s edgeOpacity attribute.


  • Issue where Model Browser would display an incorrect number of models when multiple ones are loaded.
  • Measurement inconsistencies when “isolate measurements” options is checked.
  • There is an unexpected tooltip shown when move explode submenu bar (IE).
  • Hide tooltip on explode slider.
  • Pixel Compare - Disable color button and visibility buttons on side-by-side mode.
  • Vector-PDF - Fix underlayRaster race condition.
  • Fixed problem with thin arcs and circles on mobile.
  • Toolbar missing after switching Vector PDF sheets while using underlayRaster option.
  • PushPin extension - corrupted seedUrns
  • Autodesk.Viewing.shutdown() no longer breaks the property db loader
  • Issue where PDF layers were not working.


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