28 Nov 2018

Viewer Release Notes: v 6.3.*

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Autodesk.PDF extension

Prototype vector rendering loader for PDF files.

Sample code:

// Create Viewer instance and load PDF file on page 1
    Autodesk.Viewing.Initializer(options, function() {
        var viewer = new Autodesk.Viewing.Viewer3D(div,config3d);
        viewer.loadExtension('Autodesk.PDF').then(function() {
            // URL parameter `page` will override value passed to loadModel
            viewer.loadModel('path/to/file.pdf', { page: 1 });

Autodesk.DocumentBrowser extension

Toolbar button and panel for viewing all 2D and 3D models available in a JSON manifest.


Document Browser Extension



New model loading API: viewer.loadDocumentNode(lmvDocument, bubbleNode, options)


loadOptions.skipHiddenFragments:bool to skip initially hidden meshes


Property Panel

Property Panel’s title will now display the name of the selected node.


Restore function Autodesk.Viewing.Private.getHtmlTemplate for compatibility.


  • Default value for BlendShader’s AO opacity
  • Default values for SAOShader’s radius and intensity.
  • All documentation URLs referencing developer.autodesk.com are now referencing forge.developer.com
  • Model loading UI will now be removed as soon as geometry is ready for rendering


  • SplitScreen: Fix pan speed in SplitScreen when using 3 or 4 viewports
  • SplitScreen: Roll tool no longer jumps when dragging across viewports
  • Missing Uint8Array.prototype.slice in IE11 while loading Leaflet PDFs
  • Keep View Cube’s triad oriented correctly when top/front/etc. changes
  • Incorrect selection color for wide lines
  • Let avp.ENABLE_INLINE_WORKER be changed at run time
  • viewer.clearSelection no longer fires an event when nothing is selected
  • Issue in 6.1 and later where incompatible libraries caused 2D sheets to render black. URLs for dependencies are now set to load matching versions.


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