11 Dec 2018

View each floor, using 'Vertical explode'

Demo: DEMO


Introduction to 'Exploding' floors

I was recently asked, "is there a way to view each floor of a Revit building, when there is no 'floor tags' ?"...  why yes, there is...  Use the "floor exploder" !

This effect is made up of three parts...

  1. Explode function (controlled by a slider)
  2. Slow down the ForgeViewer Camera
  3. Ease animation for level explode
  4. Restoring 4 different camera states

1. An alternative 'Explode' effect, specifically for AEC / buildings

I first customize the explode code from Philippe's blog post. I then restrict the transforms to vertical only. Finally, I cluster objects by their vertical position within a level. You can test the functionality using the slider.

Here's the main code:

var cz = Math.floor(boxes[box_offset + 2] / 10) * 10;
pt.z = cz * scale * 4;
fragList.updateAnimTransform(fragId, null, null, pt);

2. Ease animation for level explode

Next, I need to add smooth explode animation, when I click open or close. I borrowed from this simple example source-code, and simply applied it to the onSlider() method

// animate.js
function circ(timeFraction) { return 1 - Math.sin(Math.acos(timeFraction)) }

function makeEaseOut(timing) { return function(timeFraction) {return 1 - timing(1 - timeFraction)}}

function animate({timing, draw, duration}) {
  let start = performance.now();
  requestAnimationFrame(function animate(time) {
    let timeFraction = (time - start) / duration;
    if (timeFraction > 1) timeFraction = 1;
    let progress = timing(timeFraction);
    draw(progress); // draw it
    if (timeFraction < 1) {


3. Slow down the ForgeViewer Camera

You can slow down the Forge Viewer's camera transitions using these two lines...

viewer.autocam.shotParams.duration = 3;


4. Restoring 4 different camera states

I've done this trick a few times before.

Simply set up your camera view and hide objects in the scene manually, then capture the camera-state using...

view_state_level1 = getState({viewport: true, objectSet: true})

Then build a menu with buttons, with each button restoring your pre-canned view, like this...


I grouped together 4 different view states, into the vstates array and switched between them.


Click on the live demo here: DEMO

You can find the source code on GitHub: SOURCE-CODE

And that's all there is to it.

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