27 Mar 2018

Upcoming enhancement to the Data Management API

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We will soon be launching a ‘server-side’ enhancement to the Data Management API that will improve the handling of files uploaded to BIM 360 Docs via the API. The effect of this will be that files uploaded via the API will now be treated exactly the same as files uploaded through the user interface. The main effects of this will be that files uploaded via the Data Management API:

  • Will be listed in the audit log within Docs (currently they don’t appear at all).
  • Will appear in the main publish log (currently they only appear in the deprecated legacy publish log).
  • Will have the correct description in the version history (currently described as “Restored by”)

There should be no detrimental effects to this change, and the API signatures will be unchanged – so no code changes should be required in your applications. The ‘go live’ date for these changes hasn’t been finalized yet, but is expected to be shortly after April 2nd.

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