18 Apr 2022

"Takeoff Exchange CSV" Sample Update


In February, we released a set of write APIs for Autodesk Takeoff specific project settings. We have updated the existing GitHub sample forge-takeoff.exchange.csv

We have enhanced project settings as well as the UI for takeoff items in the sample as follows.  

For Project settings, we have added the following workflows: 

  • Display Takeoff Measurement System currently defined and an interface to modify it (when possible).
  • Display Classifications systems from available classification systems.
  • Export classifications from available classification systems.
  • Import and Update classification systems (when possible).

For Takeoff Items, we have made the following enhancements:   

  • Display Autodesk Takeoff Inventory in readable form or raw form in two tables (one for the items grouped and other for all items).
  • Export Autodesk Takeoff Inventory from current or all packages available in readable form or raw form from both tables to a CSV file.

The full code is found on our GitHub site: 

You can also find the live demo here: 

For information about the initial release of Takeoff API, please refer to the earlier post: "Autodesk Takeoff API"

If you have any questions about Takeoff API, please contact us through our Forge support channel.

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