1 Sep 2021

Sneak peek at Forge at Autodesk University Classes

Sneak peek at AU

We are all getting excited for another year of Virtual Autodesk University. This year is going to be packed with community-led classes for you to hear the latest innovations happening around design and make.  While classes aren't quite released just yet, we wanted to give a sneak peek into a few classes that Forge will be featuring at Autodesk University. Check them out. 


Forge Roadmap 

Hosted by: Cyrille Fauvel 

Are you building apps on the Forge or ACC/BIM360 platforms today? Are you using Forge as part of your Digital Transformation strategy – or helping your customers transform their business? Do you want to learn more about what the Forge Team has been working on over the past year? Improved API, new ACC/BIM 360 APIs, next generation of API to work with Data, and more. Join us to learn about what's new with Forge APIs and what's coming in the next generation of the Forge platform. Get the insights you need to confidently create your application development plans. 


10 ways Autodesk Forge Systems Integrators can help you 

Hosted by: Sanjana Chand 

Autodesk Forge Certified Systems Integrators were trained by Autodesk to be valued support resources. These trusted partners have proven track records of helping businesses build software integrations within existing systems, and deploy custom, Forge-powered, cloud-based solutions. 

Their skillsets and industries are extremely varied, and they have served clients all over the world looking for custom Forge-powered applications. Meet 10 exciting Forge SIs and get a deeper dive into their solutions in this class. 


It’s not too late to Automate. Using Forge Design Automation for Inventor 

Hosted by: Natalia Polikarpova  

The Forge Design Automation API for Inventor allows you to automate design tasks at scale in the cloud – freeing your team from drudgery so they can spend more time being creative. Whether you’re automating processes such as standardized drawing creation or BOM extraction, or speeding up the sales process with a configurator, Forge helps you increase your productivity and efficiency and gain a competitive advantage. Learn how three Forge customers have automated their Inventor workflows with Design Automation for Inventor to optimize their processes. 


Dig Deeper into Data with Autodesk Forge and Digital Twins

Hosted by Jessy Di Zio
With co-speakers -

  • Accenture - Anand Desai & Adeel Ali
  • Reconstruct Inc - Mani Golparvar & Cindy Baldwin (VDCO Tech)
  • Southern Company - Shawn Weekly
  • Autodesk - Michael Beale

Digital twins are digital replicas of physical assets—a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds. Combining real-time data from multiple sources (including your design data) with a 3D interactive model can help you generate greater insights into your project—leading to performance improvements at all phases of the project lifecycle. In this session, you’ll hear from three companies that are using Forge to power their digital twins. They’ll talk you through why they needed to create a digital twin, and how they achieved it with Forge.  Michael Beale wraps things up with 'how to build your own digital twin' using the new Data-Visualization Extension and Dasher360, as an example.

If you haven’t already signed up for Autodesk University...then what are you waiting for? It’s October 5-14th, completely free, and jam packed with great content to help fuel your digital transformation. So click the link below today to join us at the conference. We can’t wait to see you there. 


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