13 Sep 2022

Share your feedback at Autodesk University 2022

Research opportunities with Forge at Autodesk University

Are you attending Autodesk University? The Forge team has several activities planned to collect your feedback through workshops and at the Forge booth in the exhibit hall. Check out the list below and sign up through the links below each description. After signing up, you'll receive a confirmation email and someone from the Forge team will follow up with more details.

All about Viewing Solutions - Digital Twins and more!

Does your work involve digital twins, digital transformation, facilities management, or asset management, etc.? Have you used or are you looking for resources, tools and software for interactive design visualization? If so, please come and join us in this lively and interactive workshop. Your input will help shape what's next for design and data visualization at Autodesk.

Connect with us about Workflows

Autodesk is building an ecosystem of connectors that enable data to flow between design, manufacturing, and automation platforms like Revit, Rhino, Inventor and Power Automate. We want to hear from you - how might you use these connectors? What can you do once your geometry and model properties are accessible through the cloud? What new business value is unlocked through your specific business needs?

API Experience

When you are building automations, workflows, plugins, add-ons, and cloud-services, how do YOU design YOUR APIs? What guides and tools do you use? And what would you love to have to make your process better?

Making Decisions for Software Automation

Do you spend a big part of your day making decisions for software automation? We'd love to chat with you! Autodesk is committed to helping businesses like yours grow in this rapid age of automation. We’re interested in inviting your insights as we explore ways to evolve Autodesk’s ecosystem offerings to meet the needs of business leaders and software developers. Come join the conversation!

What's next for the Autodesk App Store?

Next-gen App Marketplace Preview (at the Forge booth)
The Autodesk App Store team is building the next-gen app marketplace with exciting new features that address many of the customers’ needs we’ve learned from ongoing customer research. We invite you to stop by the Forge booth in the exhibit hall to interact with our prototypes and provide feedback.


Have questions about Forge platform research? Send an email to edward.deguzman@autodesk.com


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