14 Aug 2022

Retiring Model Coordination Indexing (v1) API Endpoints

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Do you use Model Coordination’s Indexing (v1) API in BIM 360 or Autodesk BIM Collaborate?  If so, please read on.   

Autodesk released Model Properties API earlier this year. It is a powerful tool to query, filter and compare properties of models. It is a successor of Model Coordination’s Indexing (v1) API. Its usage was extended beyond Model Coordination services. You can use Model Properties API with any Autodesk/BIM 360 Docs based products.  

With the availability of Model Properties API, Autodesk plans to retire four (4) Model Coordination specific Indexing (v1) API endpoints.  

Action Required 

If you are using the following four (4) Model Coordination’s Indexing (v1) API, please migrate to Model Properties API by January 9th, 2023(*1), at which point the Model Coordination’s Indexing (v1) API endpoints will be deprecated and stop functioning.   

Model Coordination Indexing (v1) API Endpoints (retiring):  

Replace with: 

Model Properties API Endpoints (replacement): 

(The documentation points to ACC page. But the API works for both BIM 360 and ACC environments.)

For more information about Model Properties API, please look at this blog post.   

If you encounter any issues or have any questions about the migration, please contact forge.help@autodesk.com         

(*1) If we confirm all applicable developers have migrated, we may deprecate sooner.    

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