22 Jan 2020

Postman Collections for BIM 360 Cost Management API

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As we just announced the public beta release of BIM 360 Cost Management API at blog post, and I also prepared the 2 following samples to show the possibility that you can do with the API:

And for the developers who want have a quick test with Cost API, I also provided 2 Postman collection to help get started quickly, let me introduce each of them:

  • Step-by-Step Tutorial: The collection includes 11 endpoints that help you to perform a basic workflow, including creating budget, contract, cost item, and also create different change orders attached with the cost item, and execute available actions on the change order. 

step by step tutorial


  • API List: The collection includes all the endpoints that are available in the current Public Beta release.

Please go to the github repo shown above to check the details, I am sure they will be helpful if you just start your journey with BIM 360 Cost Management API. 

Cost Management Collection

Enjoy your Forge journey;)




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