14 Apr 2021

New Cloud Credit Management Tools

Usage Analytics

Cloud Credits are Autodesk's virtual currency representing units of measurement required to perform Forge tasks. 100 Cloud Credits that are good for a year come with your Forge subscription. Then in order to retain access to all platform capabilities, you need to maintain a positive balance of Cloud Credits. That may mean you use 5, 50, or 500 Cloud Credits per month on your Forge applications. Whatever your usage rate is, we want to make managing Cloud Credits easier for you.


We've recently launched an enhancement to the Forge website that will help alert you when your balance is getting low and you need to purchase more Cloud Credits. When you go to the 'Usage Analytics' page you will now see an Alert bell. Clicking on that alert bell allows you to set a notification threshold that will notify you when your Cloud Credit balance is low. The threshold is set to a default of 30 Cloud Credits, but you have the ability to update that threshold to whatever number best aligns with how fast you use Cloud Credits. When you reach the threshold an alert banner will pop up on the site reminding you to purchase more Cloud Credits.


If you want help estimating Cloud Credits, our support team has been working on an calculator tool that is currently in beta. Feel free to test out the tool to estimate monthly Cloud Credit usage rates for common tasks. Check it out at http://forge-calculator.autodesk.io. And if you ever have questions or want to talk a Forge expert about your Cloud Credit consumption we are standing by to help. Just reach out to us at Forge Support and we'll be happy to assist.


We hope you like the new features and if you have any questions or comments reach out to the team at Forge Support.

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