18 Jan 2023

Multiple Callbacks now supported in APS

An "APS App" could only support 1 callback... until now !

If you are working with 3-legged authentication for ACC or BIM 360, then you probably noticed that your App only allowed for one "callback" endpoint.  

As a developer, a single endpoint can make debugging, slow.  You have to switch the callback domain from localhost testing, to dev server testing.  This gets even more complicated when you share a single account with a team of developers.


Now, with "multiple callbacks", debugging 3-legged OAuth got a whole lot easier.  You can now add multiple callbacks (add up to 50 callbacks).


Here's how...

  • Go to myApps and create (or open an existing) App,
  • Scroll down to 'Callback URL' and
  • click the "+ Add URL" button to add additional callbacks, then
  • click "Save changes".

That's it. 

Now, all your new callbacks, will get accepted during a 3-legged OAuth handshake.

Twitter: @micbeale

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