11 Apr 2021

Migrate Revit Worksharing models from BIM 360 Team to BIM 360 Docs - powered by Revit 2022 Cloud Worksharing API

Migrate Revit Worksharing Model sample

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Revit 2022 was officially released on April 8th, 2021, please check out the blog of new features at Revit 2022 Released. Also, the Revit 2022 SDK is coming on the way. 

Support saving Revit worksharing central model to cloud is one of the most important enhancements of Revit SDK 2022, the following method has been enhanced to support uploading local workshared file into BIM 360 Design as a Revit Cloud Worksharing central model.

Document.SaveAsCloudModel(Guid, Guid, String, String)

There is also a Revit sample addon provided within Revit SDK 2022 to demonstrate how to use this API, you can find the addon sample at \\Revit SDK 2022\Samples\CloudAPISample\CS, I made some improvement based on this sample to make it easy to be used, it demonstrate how to migrate your Revit cloud worksharing model from BIM 360 Team to BIM 360 Docs, and includes the following features:

  • Access all the contents within BIM 360 Team and Docs by logging with Autodesk Account.
  • Download the Revit models to specified local folder from BIM 360 Team.
  • Selected the targeted folder by navigating from BIM 360 Docs, and upload the Revit models from local folder to the targeted folder on BIM 360 Docs.
  • Reload the links to the correct model in the cloud.


Revit Cloud Worksharing Model Migration Sample from BIM 360 Team to BIM 360 Docs


If you want to play with the sample tool and check the code implementation, please check forge-rcw.file.migration-revit.addon.

Enjoy coding with Revit & Forge & BIM360, and please feel free to enhance the sample based on your needs. 

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