17 Apr 2020

Meet a Forge Systems Integrator video series

The Forge team has a brand new video series for you! In the Meet a Forge Systems Integrator series, we ask Forge Certified SIs to answer a few questions about their companies and the projects they deliver to customers. Episodes 1-6 are live now.



Episode 1 features Michael Porskear, Head of Business Development at NTI

Episode 2 features Igor Tsinman, President at AMC Bridge

Episode 3 features John Egan, CEO and CTO of BIMLauncher

Episode 4 features Martin Loucka, Founder of ioLabs

Episode 5 features Torbjørn Grimstad, Manager at Moicon

Episode 6 features Varun Bhartiya, CEO & Co-Founder of nCircle Tech


More episodes coming soon!


Learn more about becoming a Forge Certified SI here, or apply to be part of the program.

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