17 Apr 2020

Meet a Forge Systems Integrator video series

The Forge team has a brand new video series for you! In the Meet a Forge Systems Integrator series, we ask Forge Certified SIs to answer a few questions about their companies and the projects they deliver to customers. Episodes 1-6 are live now.



Episode 1 features Michael Porskear, Head of Business Development at NTI

Episode 2 features Igor Tsinman, President at AMC Bridge

Episode 3 features John Egan, CEO and CTO of BIMLauncher

Episode 4 features Martin Loucka, Founder of ioLabs

Episode 5 features Torbjørn Grimstad, Manager at Moicon

Episode 6 features Varun Bhartiya, CEO & Co-Founder of nCircle Tech


More episodes coming soon!


Learn more about becoming a Forge Certified SI here, or apply to be part of the program.

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Emily Scherbenski

Emily Scherbenski

Emily Scherbenski is a Business Manager for Autodesk Forge. She is responsible for managing relationships with strategic partners and top investment fund recipients on our Forge Platform. This includes leading the charge for the Forge Systems Integrator Program. She also acts as a key advisor for Forge DevCon, the flagship event for Autodesk Forge. While you can find her at the Autodesk headquarter office in San...