23 Feb 2018

Introducing the new Learn Forge tutorial (NodeJS & .NET)

We're glad to introduce the new Forge tutorials, from zero to a really nice Viewer! And this time is available in NodeJS and .NET on server-side, plus HTML5 & JavaScript on client-side. Everything in 6 easy to follow steps:

  1. Tools
  2. Create a server
  3. Authenticate
  4. Upload to OSS
  5. Translate the file
  6. Show on Viewer

Start now!

Looking forward to using it this weekend at the AEC Hackathon in Oakland and next week at the San Francisco Accelerator.

Behind the scenes: we investigated a few libraries for creating documentation, including flatdoc, slate, docute, but ended up with docsify, based on markup (.md) files and offering an impressive collection of out of the box features, like search, copy and code formatting, plus the easy to customize.

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