22 Apr 2020

Introducing the "Forge Partner Talks" series


The Forge team has launched a brand new weekly web series in May called Forge Partner Talks. This is your opportunity to stay abreast of the latest Forge powered design + make cloud technology innovations by featured Autodesk partners, and see how they can help your business be more competitive and profitable.


Each week Emily Scherbenski, Senior Forge Marketing Manager, will host top Forge partners who will share the innovative solutions they have built on Forge and what they learned along the way. The series kicks off on Wednesday May 6th. Each session will take place at 7 am PST/4 pm CET, and every week will focus on a different industry topic or trend. Mark your calendar and join us live! We will have time for an audience Q&A at the end of each session. If you are unable to join, the recording will be posted here after the event. 


Don't worry, the series will continue through Summer! Registration links for sessions in June and July can be found here.


Forge Partner Talks: Digital Twins

May 6th 7 am PDT/4 pm CET


Digital Twins were one of the top ten tech trends of 2019, according to Gartner and Deloitte. Come and hear from Forge partners who have built or leveraged successful digital twin solutions, and see how you can too!


Torbjørn Grimstad, Manager at Moicon, shares how his company has built digital twins for manufacturing customers, incorporating game-thinking into factory environments and reducing customer costs, labor, and unplanned downtime.

Alban Alev, Program Manager at Capgemini, discusses how Capgemini has utilized 15+ years of experience to create Reflect-IoD - a cloud-based digital twin platform that saves costs and brings safety, efficiency and collaboration to customer operations across industries.

Andrew Arnold, Head of Product at VueOps, talks about how the VueOps solution takes advantage of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in operations and maintenance to maximize facility uptime, improve workflows, and save time and money for customers.


Any questions that weren't answered during the live session were collected and answered for you in this blog.


Watch the recording



Forge Partner Talks: AR/VR

May 13th 7 am PDT/4 pm CET

See how leading Autodesk partners are bringing Forge-powered AR/VR solutions to the design and make space - and learn how these solutions can benefit you.


Angel Say, CEO and Co-Founder of InsiteVR, joins us with Phil Pleiss, BIM Application Specialist from Merrick & Company, to chat about how VR meeting software is changing how the AEC industry collaborates today.

Then we take a look into the future of AR with Alexandre Piro, Development Engineer at PIRO-CIE. He shared how PIRO-CIE is developing digital applications that leverage augmented reality and all the competitive advantages that AR can bring to your company.


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Forge Partner Talks: Configurators

May 20th 7 am PDT/4 pm CET

Hear from Forge partners in manufacturing, building, and infrastructure who have increased their customer satisfaction by creating Forge-powered configurators. and see how providing similar customization tools to your customers can help you maintain your competitive edge.


Sandip Jadhav, CEO of CCTech, will discuss design and configuration with simulationHub, their CFD simulation application for design engineers.

Thiago Almeida, CTO of Shedmate will talk about how they have created a scalable, web-based product configurator that automates the process for customers to design their own sheds.

Tom Angert, Software Development Solutions Manager from IMAGINiT Technologies will share how IMAGINiT is accelerating the design process and time to market for a manufacturer of underground storm-water systems through an online configurator and design automation.


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Forge Partner Talks: Dashboards & Insights

May 27th 7 am PDT/4 pm CET

It's all about the data! Discover some of the innovative dashboards our top Forge partners have built, and see how these types of solutions can help you better visualize your data, draw insights, and be more profitable.


Fernando Morales, Director at BIM6D Consulting, will talk about the solution his company has built called POWERBIM, which is a cloud web application that integrates a BIM 360 platform with data analytics so customers can manage project data in real time. He will be joined by one of his customers, Gregorio Saura, Architect and BIM Manager at SIA Architects, who will share how SIA is using POWERBIM to build data dashboards and connect BIM models.

Radu Gidei, co-founder of Matterlab, will also join us and talk about his solution Archivehub, which gives users with greater access to, and control of, all of their BIM 360 project data.


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