27 Oct 2017

If you are not innovating today, you won’t be around tomorrow

AR/VR Real-time design data with immersive experience on Forge platform brings scale and affordability to business.

A World of Digital Interactions

Digitization of data and access to technology is revolutionizing the business world and is a catalyst for new innovative offerings. What is normal today will soon be obsolete, and what is innovative today will soon be normal. Adoption and keeping pace with new technology is not an option but is core to doing business to survive and thrive with new and unforeseen competition. Some of the technologies that are at the front end of adoption and finding meaning in business are Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Generative Design.

In this blog we will be focusing Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and how our platform can enable customers to be more creative and experimental to push the boundaries and thrive in a competitive market.

Transform your business with Immersive Design Experiences now!

If you haven’t started leveraging Immersive Design Experiences in your company, you are late to the game.

Here’s why your competitors are navigating their own businesses through a transformation with immersive technology like AR/VR/MR:   

  • Competitive Differentiation and improved top line revenue growth
  • An aligned bridging strategy between traditional and digital business
  • Technology advantage in the marketplace
  • Competitive advantage through innovation

 “Doing nothing” is always an option but the price a business may have to pay could be significant. Those that fail to innovate could find themselves driven out of business in the mid to long run.  The time to act is now.

The cost of doing nothing could be:

  • Losing market share to competition
  • Competition first to market with innovative change
  • Cost of Goods Sold increases, while margins shrink

Here’s the problem

The main challenge that needs to be highlighted, which every customer faces, is that our Design Data was never meant for Real-time Immersive use. To date, creating AR/VR/MR experiences means hiring specialized talent, spending a lot of time and money to prepare data, and unfortunately, starting all over again when the customer asks for a change. This results in a cost and labor that has made it impractical to scale AR/VR/MR solutions for affordable business solutions for all industries that Autodesk serves.

Autodesk Vision and Strategy

Rather than viewing AR/VR/MR in isolation, Autodesk prefers to define the vision and solution all under the umbrella of Real-time Immersive Design Experience.

Our Vision is that every customer who subscribes to Autodesk’s platform and services will have access to their design data in the right place at the right time. Whether they’re immersed in VR with a client to review a building design, checking real-time factory machine performance with AR, or shooting the next Avatar with MR; Autodesk’s customers will be able to scale up their business more affordably thanks to Real-time Immersion

Strategically, we’re providing thought leadership and defining direction to the market place by creating a Platform Services model that will enable a data driven solution for our robust developer community and enterprise businesses. The Platform Services will help develop a multi-format, multi-connected and multi-interaction experience.

The approach to create data driven workflow using Platform Services can be three-step process thanks to the Autodesk AR|VR Toolkit:

  1. Design Data is made available for Real-time experiences
  2. Those Real-time experiences are further edited to get the data in the right place at the right time.
  3. And put on whatever Hardware and Gaming/Real-time engine is best suited for the customer.

Autodesk solution advantages

  • Accessible | Flexible | Scalable | Affordable
  • Provide developer toolkit to develop experience faster
  • Focus on the data preparation and scale to use for multiple experience creation

So what is the Forge AR|VR Toolkit? Well, you’ll have to wait until next week to learn more when our team posts again, but in general think of it as a collection of technology paths that you can use to build new Immersive Design Experiences around FORGE data.

Forge Platform for AR/VR


Bringing it to life at Forge DevCon

And before I sign off, if you want to hear about the AR|VR ToolKit from the team itself, check out this blog and come to Forge DevCon. There you can get the answers you’re looking for to make your company more innovative today to thrive tomorrow.

But don't worry, it is not too late to get tickets.

  • Combined AU and Forge DevCon tickets are still available for $2,270
  • Or purchase the Forge DevCon pass standalone for $295.

If you already have an AU pass and want to add Forge DevCon, there are two ways to easily add for $95.

See you at Forge DevCon!

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