13 Jul 2022

Fusion Data APIs are now generally available!

Fusion Data APIs are now generally available!

After incorporating customer feedback during our public beta phase in May, we are happy to announce that the Fusion Data API is officially released and ready to be used in your production environment!

To show how easy these APIs are, below is a video walkthrough of an end-to-end workflow that starts off in the Fusion 360 design tool and ends up with me extracting granular data from a web browser.

What is Fusion Data?

Fusion Data is the first of three cloud information models to provide READ and WRITE capabilities to your Fusion 360 models without the need of the authoring application.

The Fusion Data API exposes these capabilities through a user-friendly GraphQL interface tailored to the product design and manufacturing industry.

Today, the APIs are read-only for a limited data set but we are committed to unlocking more value as we progress through our data granularity journey.

What can you do with Fusion Data today?

This first installment includes:

  • Navigating hub project folders, into the Fusion design, and all the way down to the Fusion 360 component properties
  • Accessing the Bill of Materials of the CAD design by traversing the hierarchy of parts within the model
  • Using webhooks to notify a server-based application and trigger a downstream workflow whenever a milestone is created.

The first installment of the Fusion Data API enables:

  • Build standalone applications that generate an engineering Bill of Material
  • Integrate with ERP systems (e.g. SAP) by leveraging the persistent IDs as anchors into Fusion Data
  • Automate key workflows through events driven by the milestone creation operation
  • Create a browsing experience that starts from the user's hub and traverses down to granular design data
  • Download thumbnails of various sizes on internal and external components

We are excited to see what other use cases you have for these APIs!

How does Fusion Data work?

We know that CAD workflows are complex. Dealing with CAD data can be even more complicated. Thus building easy-to-use APIs that access CAD data can be a challenge. So our main objective is to democratize data, traditionally locked in files and make it available via simple APIs to enable your downstream workflows. Thus, Fusion Data is born!

How to get started?

Everything you have seen in the video is documented on our developer web portal. Visit this link and follow the instructions to get started with Fusion Data today!

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