13 Jan 2021

Forge Virtual Accelerator “Waldspirale” – February 22-26

Our next online Forge Accelerator named “Waldspirale” is AEC focused and is taking place February 22-26. We are looking for proposals that aim to solve problems in design, construction and building life cycle management. We are looking forward to receiving proposals with creative ideas and to helping you to jump start your development with Forge during the week-long event!     

In addition to the APIs that are already publicly available, we are also expecting to have new sets of BIM 360 APIs: Assets API and Data Connector API by that time.*1  If you are interested in using those APIs, this event will be a great opportunity to learn and develop while “sitting” with development teams. If you would like to know what will be possible with Assets feature and its API, please check out these recordings from the recent Autodesk University presentations:

Data Connector is a feature that allows you to extract data at an account level with Executive privilege. API will allow you to schedule extraction jobs and access extracted data.   

Please submit your proposal here: 

If you would like to find out more about those new APIs to detail your proposal, feel free to indicate it in your proposal. We will get back to you and discuss further in your specific context. 

*1) Disclaimer: until we actually see the API officially released, the public release date might change. 
1/20/2021 update: Data Connector API has been released. Check out this post for more information. 


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