23 Apr 2021

Forge Success Story Roundup: Construction


Digital transformation has gone from a nice-to-have to a must-have across every phase of design and construction. Connected Construction is a revolution that is using convergence to take our new normal of remote working and cloud collaboration into hyperdrive. Forge is helping businesses adapt and make these giant leaps forward in solving industry challenges that have been as hard to topple as the buildings you build.

To help you learn more about how our customers are tackling these challenges with Forge, we've highlighted three customer successes:


MOE harnessed the Forge APIs to build a visualization tool that helps customers engage in environmentally responsible building design and construction. Click here to read their story:

Forge benefits include:

  • Greater energy savings - enables selection of sustainable materials with low carbon emissions
  • Increased productivity - automates data extraction, saving time
  • Faster issue resolution - renders complex data in simple visual representations, speeding decision making

HoloBuilder Inc.

With Forge, HoloBuilder empowers customers to create 360°, digital jobsite replicas that stakeholders can walk through and annotate anytime from ordinary web browsers—and store captured jobsite data in a single place, improving communication, collaboration, and cost-efficiency. Click here to read their story.

Forge benefits include:

  • One date source - consolidates jobsite data in a single place, improving collaboration and productivity
  • Lower cost - eliminates the need for travel, and reduces errors, rework, and jobsite delays
  • Streamlined workflows - reflects real-time annotations across intelligent models to improve decision making

Reconstruct Inc.

Reconstruct uses Forge to unite project images and video with floor plans and schedules, letting stakeholders instantly gauge project progress. Click here to read their story.

Forge benefits include:

  • Shorter delivery time - accelerates time to market for solutions
  • One data source - converts data from many formats into a single web-compatible format
  • Share data across teams - gives remote stakeholders at-a-glance updates on project status


Check out these and many more Forge Success Stories to hear first hand all the possibilities that Forge enables. If you are interested in sharing your story, we encourage you to fill out this form to get involved.

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