14 Oct 2020

Forge Partner Talks: Winter Sessions

Forge Partner Talks continues from December 2020 to February 2021 with 3 brand new sessions. This is a great chance for you to easily stay in the loop on the latest design + make innovations Autodesk partners are building using the Forge platform.


Sanjana Chand, Forge Developer Marketing Manager, will be joined by top Forge partners who are excited to share the solutions they have built using Forge, the insights they gained along the way, and any words of wisdom for anyone just starting out.


Forge Partner Talks: Building and Facility Management

December 16, 2020 at 7am PST/4pm CET

Discover some of the innovative and creative solutions our top Forge partners have built to simplify tracking and reporting facility management data in order to improve productivity and accuracy of smart building implementation. See solutions that bring together building data, models, and equipment in a cloud-based environment.

Varun Bhartiya, CEO and Co-Founder of nCircle Tech, will be joined by customer Bill Kilp, President at faciliCAD, a software development company specializing in Facility Management Software and Consulting. 

Martin Rapos, CEO at Akular, will discuss how AKULAR developed, continuously improved, and perfected its own AR platform - which is a game changer for worldwide AEC businesses and their projects - as well as the challenges they faced along the way and the success stories they are proud to have been a part of.

Bandu Wewalaarachchi, CTO at Eutech Cybernetic, will also be joining to discuss how customers can turn their BIM into a Smart Building solution using iviva and Forge.


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Forge Partner Talks: Operations, Maintenance, and Logistics

January 20, 2021 at 7am PST/4pm CET

Top Autodesk partners share the creative solutions they've built for project owners, logistics centers, and facility managers to automate and simplify processes like BIM audit model checking, locating components in large, complex models, and reducing operations delays and errors.

Fernando Morales, CEO & Director of BIM6D Consulting, a Barcelona-based digitalization company specializing in BIM services and digital twins app development using Autodesk Forge shares details of the POWERBIM solution. Fernando is joined by Analhia Cano Marval, Project Manager for the Corporate Real Estate Innovations team at Zalando. Together they show the BIM6D platform POWERBIM, which integrates BIM 360 to data analytics in a variety of ways by creating automated dashboards for complex projects, integrating IOT sensors, cameras and Building Management Systems.

Angel Say, CEO & Co-Founder of Resolve, also joins the webinar to share how with Resolve project teams are able to use collaborative VR to incorporate more feedback from O&M teams during the design process.


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Forge Partner Talks: Configurators (Part 2)

February 17, 2021 at 7am PST/4pm CET

Hear from Forge partners in manufacturing, building, and infrastructure who have increased their customer satisfaction by creating Forge-powered configurators. Tune in and see how providing similar customization tools to your customers can help you maintain your competitive edge.

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