18 Aug 2020

Forge Partner Talks: September & October

Forge Partner Talks: September & October

Forge Partner Talks continues throughout September and October with a brand new lineup for Autumn. Four brand new episodes featuring trusted Autodesk partners have just been announced! You can easily stay in the loop on the latest design+ make innovations our partners are building using the Forge platform.


The Autumn sessions will be hosted by yours truly - Sanjana Chand, Forge Developer Marketing Manager. I will be joined by top Forge partners who are excited to share the solutions they have built using Forge, the insights they gained along the way, and any words of wisdom for anyone just starting out.


All recordings are available below.


Forge Partner Talks: Convergence of AEC and Manufacturing

September 2nd, 7am PST/4pm CET

Join this session to learn how linking construction and manufacturing processes can help companies innovate and increase efficiency.

Featured panelists:

  • Sandip Jadhav, CEO of CCTech, will walk us through design and configuration with simulationHub, their CFD simulation application for design engineers
  • Scott Latch, Director of Product Management at ManufactOn, will discuss how Manufacton, the Offisite Construction Platform, helps you manage materials, offsite production, and onsite installation across all projects

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Forge Partner Talks: Industrialized Construction

September 16th, 7am PST/4pm CET

This session focuses on how prefabrication and modular construction are revolutionizing the construction industry and connecting the design to make process.


Featured panelists include:

  • Brenden Morton, Director of Platform & Fabrication at BamCore, will discuss how BamCore uses sustainably harvested bamboo as the core structural element of its innovative, custom-engineered, hollow-wall, structural lumber system. Their stud-less Prime Wall system ensures faster build time, reduced errors, less waste and therefore lower cost.
  • Mike Eggers, VP of Product and Innovation at Project Frog will share how Project Frog designs, develops, and delivers integrated software and building platforms throughout North America. Their customer solutions combine cloud-based software, distributed manufacturing networks, and building kits that both accelerate industry digital transformation and industrialized construction.
  • Tom Steegh, Senior Product & Services Manager, AEC at Cadac Group, a Netherlands-based Autodesk Platinum Reseller, will showcase how Cadac Group teamed up with Royal BAM to develop a modular cloud-based platform to support and streamline modular engineering and construction workflows

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Forge Partner Talks: Virtual Innovations in Construction

September 30th, 7am PST/4pm CET

Learn about the latest innovations Autodesk partners are building to help making virtual construction management and progress tracking easier.

Hear from featured panelists at the following companies:

Zak MacRunnels, CEO at Reconstruct, will discuss how Reconstruct's "Visual Command Center" empowers construction teams and owners to remotely manage their projects and real estate assets. He will be joined by a customer, Cindy Baldwin, President at VDCO Tech, Inc. Reconstruct’s patented AI engine does this by auto-aligning 'what is there' vs. 'what should be there.' Reconstruct is used by contractors, developers, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies on four continents to compare ‘reality vs. design’ and manage ‘progress vs. schedule.’

Mischa Winkler, Product Manager at The Wild, will share details on The Wild's immersive collaboration solution for environmental designers.​​​​​​ and walk the audience through a quick demonstration.


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Forge Partner Talks: Data Analytics - AI, Power BI, and more

October 14th, 7am PST/4pm CET

Discover some of the innovative dashboards our top Forge partners have built using AI and BI tools (including Power BI), and see how these types of solutions can help you better visualize your data, draw insights, and be more profitable.

Featured panelists:

  • Nicola Migliore, Product Development Manager at BLogic s.r.l, will share their VCAD for Power BI solution, a software that integrates and connects the world of BIM and the world of Business Intelligence.
  • Stuart Maggs, CEO of Scaled Robotics, will share the construction analytics core of the Scaled Robotics solution and how they leverage AI to achieve it. 
  • Josh Girvin, CEO of O3 Solutions, will demonstrate how O3 Solutions is providing real-time project status in 3D virtual construction models using the Forge Viewer and predictive analytics to drive course correction and continuous improvement.


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