30 Nov 2020

Forge for Manufacturing - AU continuous learning

Autodesk University 2020 was one global digital event this year and there was no cost to attend - which meant we had an extraordinary amount of announcements, learning content, and networking opportunities to share! But you may be looking for what was of particular interest to you, the Manufacturing pros of the world. So I am here to point you to many of the Manufacturing highlights so you can go back and continue to learn from all the exceptional content that has been created. 


Forge for Manufacturing
Forge for Manufacturing


Forge for Manufacturing Program

The Forge for Manufacturing program called out how the manufacturing world is well on its way to becoming smarter and more efficient, particularly from the impact of COVID-19. Srinath Jonnalagadda, Vice President of GTM for Design & Manufacturing, and Brian Roepke, Senior Director and Head of Product for Forge, discuss how Forge’s cloud platform is enabling many new ways of making, such as creating digital twins that offer real-time insights into factory performance, connecting workflows and processes that were once fragmented, and much more. Take their word for it, but to further convince you, we also showcased a few customer stories that are reinventing how products are designed and made:


Moicon's story is a prime example of digital twin success. They are using Forge to bridge the physical and virtual worlds by using IoT-enabled machinery. Their tools help factories track activity and improve efficiency in real-time. Forge enabled this innovation by providing core services such as 3D visualization.  You hear how Moicon allows their end customers, the factories, to make better decisions, faster. 

American Air Filter

You also hear from American Air Filter, a division of Daikon, one of the leading air conditioning companies in the world, on how they designed a configurator solution called Visionaire that streamlines sales, taking into account space and effectiveness to help design custom units. The way they are connecting the data and automating workflows is game-changing. 

Toshiba Elevators

Toshiba Elevators are taking processes that are completely separate and manual right now – the translation of design models to manufacturing data - and making them connected, automated, and seamless from start to finish. Forge is the tool that allowed them to capitalize on the value and benefit of converging construction and manufacturing industries.  You'll also learn about their cyber-physical systems – creating a physical site in the cyber environment - which allows them to collect data to continuously reshape and optimize their end product. The potential improvements and possibilities from capturing and analyzing data around usage, vibrations, failures, and other metrics, are endless.


Inspired to learn more about how Forge can make this all possible for you too? Watch the Forge for Manufacturing Program below to see how you can take your own digital transformation to the next level. 




You are thinking long and hard about how to Reimagine Possible, but where do you begin? Outlined below are a few classes that particularly pertain to the Manufacturing industry and could help get you started! 

  • Using iLogic with Design Automation for Inventor to create a Configurator 
    • Learn how to create a Rim configurator using Forge Design Automation for Inventor and iLogic.
    • Learn how to render the result onto a web browser using the Forge Viewer.
    • Learn how to drive dependent file formats like IPT, IDW, and PDF.
    • Experience the essence of Forge Design Automation for Inventor.
  • Using Autodesk Vault with Forge Design Automation for Inventor
    • Learn how to create a basic workflow combining Vault API and Forge Design Automation for Inventor.
    • Learn how to verify the updated files using the Vault Explorer.
    • Experience the essence of Forge Design Automation for Inventor when used with Vault.
    • Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using Vault with the Forge platform.
  • IoT Manufacturing Demo, Optimizing CNC toolpaths using Fusion 360 and Forge 
    • Learn how to use Forge APIs to connect real-world, embedded device sensor data to design visualization.
    • Learn how to interact with Fusion 360 designs in the Viewer.
    • Learn how to program ESP32/Arduino controllers to capture and send sensor data to cloud service.
    • Learn about the promise and value of IoT manufacturing.
  • Forging BIM Configurator for HVAC systems
    • Learn how to build an online BIM configurator for a range of applications.
    • Learn how to use Revit design automation APIs.
    • Learn to how to use custom graphics in the Forge Viewer.
    • Learn how to create a sketcher for 2D design spaces creation.
  • Sales Engineering Automation using Forge, Fusion Lifecycle, and Vault
    • Learn how a solution based on Forge improves efficiency.
    • Learn how to provide mass customization solutions to your customers.
    • Learn how to improve your company’s workflow from sales through to engineering and manufacturing.
    • Learn about the integration of cloud-based configurator to Fusion Lifecycle and Vault.

Using iLogic with Design Automation for Inventor to Create a Configurator
Using iLogic with Design Automation for Inventor to Create a Configurator


Teams and companies are finding new ways of collaborating with better access and flow of data, between disciplines and across the product life cycle.  Connected manufacturing links up processes that were once disconnected -- uncovering new design options and exposing constraints that may have otherwise gone overlooked. This brings us to the idea of Convergence. Convergence is the next stage of digitization, leading to the digital blending of previously separate technologies, processes, and digital and physical assets; the reshaping of industry structures and markets; and entirely new combinations of products, services, and experiences. Check out the class All You Ever Wanted to Know About Convergence—and Why You Should Care in order to realize all the possibilities that can come from stepping outside of your comfort zone and merging once-disconnected processes and industries. 


Looking for more resources?

While I've highlighted just a few Manufacturing focused pieces of content that premiered at Autodesk University,  Forge has much more for you to discover! Please visit the Forge Industry Destination page to continue exploring all that Forge has to offer you and your industry. All on-demand content and classes will be available year-round to watch. The live content (roundtables, panels, live Q&A's) will only be available until December 20th, so don't wait. Thank you for supporting Forge at Autodesk University 2020!

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