13 Aug 2020

Forge Lighting Talks - Pre Accelerator


On August 18th and 19th the Forge Developer Advocates will be running a series of lighting talks to showcase some popular solutions built using the Forge Platform. These talks are meant to give attendees of our upcoming Rapa Nui Accelerator (AUG 24th - 28th) a chance to get familiar with common uses of the Viewer, Design Automation APIs, and Extraction of Data to inspire their own use of those services in order to create their solutions. 

We have decided to share access with the rest of the community, even if you aren't attending the Accelerator, and I want to extend an invitation to join us in this series of 8 Lighting Talks that will take place next week. 

On August 18th & 19th we will broadcast the following talks. You can register for just the ones you are interested in or all 8 if you have the time. 

*DA stands for "Design Automation"


Pre Accelerator - Lighting Talks



Registration URL

Point Clouds in the Viewer

Petr Broz

8/18 - 11:00am EST


VS Code Extension

Petr Broz

8/18 - 11:30am EST


Dashboards Extraction of Data

Augusto Goncalves

8/18 - 12:00pm EST


Intro to Design Automation

Augusto Goncalves

8/18 - 12:30pm EST


DA* for Revit

Zhong Wu

8/19 - 11:00am EST


DA* for AutoCAD

Madhukar Moogala

8/19 - 11:30am EST


DA* for Inventor

Adam Nagy

8/19 - 12:00pm EST


Multi-Model Viewer

Michael Beale

8/19 - 12:30pm EST



Go ahead and Register Today! We look forward to you joining us for these series of talks. 


Submit your application and join us at an upcoming Accelerator here.


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