19 Sep 2019

Forge DevCon Learning Labs

Hands-on events are one of my favorites parts of my advocacy job. That’s when I have the chance to see what people can build with Forge technology and help them side by side. It’s amazing how much people can get done in a short period with cloud technologies. And I’m often surprised on far they can push Forge APIs, which is absolutely rewarding!

I can also say that during my daily work I’m always keeping an eye for the newcomers, those who are just starting with Autodesk and Forge technologies.

This year we’re holding a special track at the Las Vegas Forge DevCon: the learning labs. A good opportunity, for me at least, to align those two things: hands-in time and getting started from the basics.

So, what is it all about? Simple, a sequence of 5 classes interconnected, from how to connect to Forge, view and use data, and how to modify it.

The first two sessions would focus on accessing models, either from your computer (upload & view) or from Fusion Team or BIM 360. Next, with that model in hand, how to extend the viewer built-in capabilities, including the top one: dashboards, with one lab focused on it. Finally, how to modify those models using AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit or 3dsMax engines on the cloud.

Wait no more, register now for Forge DevCon!

See you there!

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