22 Aug 2017

Forge DevCon China Highlights & Recap

On August 8, the first Forge DevCon International event was held in Shanghai China at Innospace

During the day, classes were focused on solutions built with the Forge platform and a sneak peek at the road ahead.

Some highlights:

  • Forge product overview, roadmap, and a glimpse of new APIs
  • Partners shared their success stories and demos
  • Special focus on ways to leverage BIM 360 API to drive new business the construction field.
  • Forge Partner Development shared best practices and tips and tricks when developing on the Forge Platform.
  • Walk through on how to aggregate multiple 3D models using the Forge Viewer.

The event moved into the evening with the New Tech Innovation Meetup event. This event focused on new technologies like WebGL, VR/AR, IoT, AI.

Exhibits and demos from 3D Web Fest artists were also shared showing the potential of how these tools can be used in creative ways. From WebVR to Holo-lens this event focused on the future possibilities for Forge.  Five partners also joined to share IoT technology, VR, AR technology and also motion capture technology. All those topics were very attractive for the participants.

On Aug 9 & 10, Forge DevCon partnered with Autodesk University to host several classes focused on cloud based solutions for design and engineering.  This included:

  • Keynote from Stephen Preston, Senior Manager Forge Partner Development
  • 5 partners sharing their successes with Forge specifically in the construction field, FM field, industry 4.0.
  • Forge booth with over 300 people stopping by and asking questions.
  • 11 classes covering how the Forge Platform extends the value of other Autodesk software like  Revit.

Forge DevCon China MeetupLast but not least, on Aug 11 we rounded out the event with a workshop.  At this final event, we rolled our sleeves up with the community and discussed projects and solutions to move them forward.

Forge DevCon China Workshop

We want to thank AU China, Innospace, and all the partners that made this event happen.  We look forward to next year.

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