22 May 2019

Forge Community Showcase: Caduceus Systems Limited

Autodesk Forge is our set of Application Program Interfaces (APIs), documentation, and code samples that allow Autodesk customers and partners to develop customized workflows. Forge is what Autodesk programmers use to develop our own web services like Fusion 360, cloud-based rendering, or BIM 360. Customers and partners, also known as the Forge Community, can use the same APIs Autodesk programmers use.

The Caduceus was the staff carried by Mercury as the messenger of the Roman gods. Today, representations of this staff are used as an emblem of the medical profession and as the insignia of the U.S. Army Medical Corps. So it is fitting that Caduceus is also the name of one of Autodesk's Forge partners, based in New Zealand, whose focus is on workplace safety.

As a Forge partner, Caduceus delivers a simple solution to a complex health issue with a new Forge-powered Building Information Modeling (BIM) platform product. Their easy-to-use platform helps their customers gain exposure to BIM, enabling them to improve information sharing and streamline incident prevention planning to reduce health and safety risks, enhancing the lives of building occupants. I have blogged about them before: Caduceus Forge Application Aids in Asbestos Abatement Planning and Management.

"If you can give us a system that will allow a tradesperson to know that they can [safely] drill a hole in that wall, that's what we want."
Grant Taylor, Director of Design Technology, Caduceus

Check out this 85-second video from the Forge team:

To learn more about their solution, check out their Hazard Viewer.

Autodesk has always been an automation company. Today, more than ever, that means helping our customers automate their design and make processes. We help them embrace the future of making, where they can do more (e.g., efficiency, performance, quality), with less (e.g., energy, raw materials, timeframes, waste of human potential), and realize the opportunity for better (e.g., innovation, user experience, return on investment). The ability to customize solutions to match workflows using Forge provides the opportunity for better in that a safer work environment benefits all stakeholders.


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