19 Sep 2022

Forge Community News is now Autodesk Developer News

Newsletter announcement

The Forge Community Newsletter and the Autodesk Developer Network Newsletter have joined forces to become Autodesk Developer News – your new source for all developer updates, including community news, upcoming events, and service changes.


Why is this combination happening?

Autodesk is committed to our developers. We want to make sure that all members of the Autodesk developer community are receiving important updates about relevant products and services, and the community.


What is happening to my ADN membership?

You will continue to manage your Autodesk Developer Network membership through the ADN website. When you join, you will automatically be added to the Forge preference, unless you specifically opt out. We strongly advise against opting out, as you could miss out on important updates relevant to your membership.


Manage my ADN membership


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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