29 Oct 2020

Forge for Building Design at AU

The digital transformation for architects and engineers has gone into hyperdrive since the pandemic, and Forge provides many of the tools that can help you take advantage of the shift. In the Forge for Building Design Leadership Presentation at Autodesk University, you’ll hear from Vikram Dutt, Associate Vice President of Building Design Strategy & Marketing, and Greg Fallon, Vice President of Platforms & Technology Strategy, who will show you what’s possible when you embrace Forge and create entirely new ways of designing. From automating time-consuming processes to coordinating workflows for teams spread around the globe, we’re seeing architects, engineers, and technologists solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges. And we have some great examples to show you how it’s done.

Industry problem #1:

Disconnected teams that lead to error and waste. Autodesk Foundation customer BamCore solved these issues with a Forge-enabled solution that converts Revit model data into 3D construction plans that can be used right on the job site and interpreted by anyone.

Industry problem #2:

Lack of insight into projects and workflows. AECOM turned to Forge to address this problem. You’ll see how they’re visualizing data and harnessing insights to make their design teams more impactful and better modelers.

Industry problem #3:

Disjointed model coordination between various disciplines. Software developer GTP has a solution that’s working for their customer DSI. In this example, they explain how Forge is helping bring together virtual design capabilities and coordination from the office to the fabrication shop to the construction site. 


Autodesk University runs November 17-20 with all content available online at no cost. Make sure to register here and then head to the Forge Industry Destination page to watch the Forge for Building Design Leadership Presentation and start thinking of new ways to embrace the digital transformation and gain a competitive advantage!

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