12 Jul 2018

Export to Dwg from Rvt by Forge translation service

Rvt -> Dwg

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Forge Model Derivative translation service is quite popular, most of people using the service to translate industry design file to SVF for rendering in the Forge Viewer, but it also support extracting some files to OBJ, STL, please check the Supported Translations page or GET Format API for the detail.

For Revit, maybe someone are not aware, the Rvt file is supported to be translated to Dwg. When exporting Dwg, it only exports the “selected” 2D views of the model. You can choose which of the 2D views you need to exporting to Dwg through Revit addon “Publish Settings”.

Publish Setting

Exporting Dwg would use the pre-defined options of "Publish Settings" saved in the Rvt file. You need to go to Revit->File->Export->CAD Formats->DWG as follow, and select the view set you want to export, and save the View Set. Then, call the translation job and you will get all the Dwg result. 

DWG export settingSelect view set

Remember, currently, you cannot export 3D view from Rvt file, only 2D views can be exported to Dwg.

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