28 Mar 2018

Explore the Integration with 3DR Site Scan, PARIC and BIM 360

There has been so much Forge & BIM 360 buzz going on since Autodesk University  

One of the big announcements was that the next generation of BIM 360 has been built on the Forge Developer Platform.

What does that mean for you if you already use Forge and BIM 360? Many things, but perhaps most importantly the ability to use Forge to customize BIM 360 deployments to integrate it into company workflows and connect the construction ecosystem across partners.

To exemplify the true power of the integration, the BIM 360 teams have been sharing customer success stories so the community can get a sense of what is possible. The latest in the series is with 3DR and PARIC Construction.  Some of you may have caught this when we shared on social, but in case you didn't, we've captured all the articles, recordings, documents, and trial details below to share with the Forge community.

We hope you enjoy exploring the capabilities of Forge and BIM 360. If you have questions for the BIM 360 team you can reach them here.

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