22 Jan 2018

EU General Data Protection Regulation is an extension of existing Autodesk Policies

The growing importance of data to our customers' success is undeniable. The data we and our customers generate is powerful and “with great power comes great responsibility.” As Autodesk collects, processes, and utilizes data, we have a great responsibility to secure and protect it. Our customers expect it, and laws require it.

The EU GDPR (European Union - General Data Protection Regulation) is a regulation in the EU which seeks to harmonize and simplify a patchwork of existing data regulations and laws across the EU. At its essence, GDPR ensures that EU citizens have authority over their own personal data. GDPR becomes effective in May 2018.

Autodesk is committed to achieving compliance with the GDPR across our products when it comes into force. Always designing and building privacy and security standards into our products, services, and business processes is how Autodesk keeps pace with evolving regulations and satisfies the expectations of our customers. For more info, see trust.autodesk.com.



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Scott Sheppard

Strategic Foresight Scott Sheppard (scott.sheppard@autodesk.com) has worked for Autodesk for 27 out of the last 29 years depending on if you count acquisitions and dot coms. Scott is now a Program Manager in the Autodesk Research working with Autodesk product managers to help Autodesk researchers transition new technologies into production-worthy cloud-based services using the Autodesk Forge platform.