24 Jan 2020

DevDays Online 2020 recordings now available

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Starting on February 25, the Forge Partner Development team is hosting a special series of online webinars, called DevDays Online.


DevDays Keynote - February 25, 2020

Jim Quanci, Senior Director for Software Partner Development, kicks off our 2020 DevDays online webinar series with a ‘state of the union’ presentation on Autodesk’s strategic direction, including the latest news for desktop developers, the move to subscription licenses, Forge strategy, the Autodesk App Store, and more.


Forge API Update - February 26, 2020

Join Augusto Goncalves on February 26 to learn about the updated and new APIs added to the Forge platform during the last year in detail.



BIM 360 API Update - March 4, 2020

Learn about new APIs in the BIM 360 family products. Join Mikako Harada, Don Whittle, and Simon Bee as they talk about the new Model Coordination and Cost Management API and other API enhancements.

March 4, 8 AM PST

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