21 Dec 2018

Design Automation v3 on .NET package

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Update on January 29, 2019

Please use Autodesk.Forge.DesignAutomation package instead. See Learn Forge tutorial for a step-by-step tutorial.


Original article

Version 1.5.2 of the .NET NuGet package now includes Design Automation v3, plus an improvement on the Model Derivative: support EU & US endpoints, learn more.

In order to maintain package support for v2, a new namespace was added, and to avoid name conflict, you'll need to define a few using statements. The following show a typical usage:

using Autodesk.Forge.DesignAutomation.v3;
using Autodesk.Forge.Model.DesignAutomation.v3;

using ActivitiesApi = Autodesk.Forge.DesignAutomation.v3.ActivitiesApi;
using Activity = Autodesk.Forge.Model.DesignAutomation.v3.Activity;
using EnginesApi = Autodesk.Forge.DesignAutomation.v3.EnginesApi;
using WorkItem = Autodesk.Forge.Model.DesignAutomation.v3.WorkItem;
using WorkItemsApi = Autodesk.Forge.DesignAutomation.v3.WorkItemsApi;

Go ahead and update! Make sure to retest your application with this new version! Check the Release Notes.

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