29 Jan 2019

Design Automation - Debug Revit plugin locally

DesignAutomationBridge is used by Design Automation for Revit to trigger the DesignAutomationReady event and used on the plugin to capture this event. It can also be used to emulate the environment and debug plugins locally. This video demonstrates how it can be done. This video uses the Learn Forge sample with 1 input file, 1 input JSON and 1 output, but the same approach can be used for different input/output specs.

For this step-by-step you'll need:

  1. Debugger tool
  2. App to debug (e.g. this sample app, used on the video)

You may also need the following command line that came from Jeremy Tammik wizard:

if exist "$(AppData)\Autodesk\REVIT\Addins\2019" copy "$(ProjectDir)*.addin" "$(AppData)\Autodesk\REVIT\Addins\2019"
if exist "$(AppData)\Autodesk\REVIT\Addins\2019" copy "$(ProjectDir)$(OutputPath)*.dll" "$(AppData)\Autodesk\REVIT\Addins\2019"

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