28 Oct 2019

Design Automation API for Revit, Inventor & 3ds Max is NOW AVAILABLE!

Now anyone with a valid Forge subscription or trial can start automating tasks and improving their workflows.

It's official, Design Automation APIs for Revit, Inventor, and 3ds Max are here. That means anyone with an active Forge trial or subscription can start taking advantage of these tools. For details on trials, subscription and pricing; please visit the pricing page.


This blog has been updated to summarize the latest resources available.


If you want to get hands-on with this API, the beta testers, and experts, and be one of the first to start working with this API, grab a ticket to Forge DevCon at Autodesk University on November 18 in Las Vegas. There we will have classes and labs where you can get hands on with this API. Tickets are only $150 and you can register or add it to your AU pass today by clicking the link below.

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Get to know the Design Automation API

The Design Automation API gives you access to Autodesk core product engines to get more work done faster and more reliably.

Manual, repetitive and error-prone tasks can be automated, freeing people to work on the hard stuff that requires more engineering expertise. This Forge service also enables connections of tools and tasks into complete workflows. Previously available for AutoCAD, you can now enjoy automating tasks in 3ds Max, Inventor, and Revit.



What can you do with Design Automation API for Inventor?

This API helps engineers spend more time on creative and unique aspects of projects instead of repetitive tasks, like document copying. This API provides access to:

  • Inventor API as a Forge service
  • Customize code and iLogic rules
  • Modify parameters and features in IPT (part) files
  • Configure components in IAM (assembly) files
  • Update and fine-tune IDW/DWG (drawing) files
  • Use iLogic rules or custom code
  • Operate on common, static files, or per-job files
  • Provide results in any Inventor-supported formats

Resources available now:



What can you do with Design Automation API for Revit?

Build cloud-native apps and services that create, extract, and modify Revit data. Take advantage of functionality like:

  • Access full Revit DB API without a Revit desktop install
  • Build cloud-native apps and services
  • Extract and modify Revit data
  • Automate and customize workflows like:
    • Creating custom Revit Families (RFAs)
    • Explore and analyze model data
    • Extract and produce automated reports from RVTs
    •  Automatically create documentation

Resources available now:



What can you do with Design Automation API for 3ds Max?

Design Automation API for 3ds Max provides access to the 3ds Max API running in 3ds Max Batch mode. With this API you can:

  • Import and export data from any of the plug-ins available with 3ds Max
  • Run scripts and modify the file as needed
  • Upload and use your own plug-ins C++ plug-ins and implement logic that connect to all parts of the 3ds Max architecture
  • Perform renderings and simulation and other compute intensive operations.

Resources available now:



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