10 Oct 2019

Cross-industry classes at Forge DevCon

Perhaps buildings give you a buzz. Maybe machines make you misty-eyed. Whatever your industry preference, don't completely ignore the classes in the 'other' tracks at Forge DevCon. Most of the techniques for making the best use of Forge APIs are industry agnostic. For example, if you're overlaying streaming IoT data on a model in the Forge Viewer, then you'll implement this the same way, regardless of whether the sensor data is measuring CO2 levels in a room or coolant temperature in an engine. That's why you should skim through all the classes available at Forge DevCon, and not just those in the track that most closely matches your interest.


We also have a few classes that are so 'generic' that the really don't fit into the industry specific tracks, so we put them in their own track - the Cross Industry track. (This is the track we used to call "Forge Basics", but we felt that name was a little misleading and so we changed it).


The Cross Industry track is where our keynote and roadmap sessions live, but there are a couple of other classes in there that I'd like to highlight (and recommend) to you ...


FDC321234 - "Forge Platform / 10 Cutting Edge Forge code samples" by Cyrille Fauvel and Jim Quanci. Jim is Senior Director and Cyrille is Senior Manager for the Autodesk Forge Partner Development team. This is the team tasked to have fun writing cool Forge samples. Some of their work is to demonstrate how Forge can solve a specific customers problem, some is to simply explore the art of the possible. If you want to stimulate your own creativity by being bombarded with great Forge examples, then add this class to your schedule now.


FDC323720 - "Accelerate innovation through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using Amazon Web Services" by Tom "Elvis" Jones and Rama Thamman of Amazon Web Services. Machine Learning is no longer something we need to prepare for. Its here today. It doesn't matter what industry you serve, there are opportunities right now to apply machine learning to solve your customers' problems. And if you're not taking advantage of Machine Learning, then your competitor probably will. This class by two of Amazon's top Solution Architects will take you through the process of building and deploying Machine Learning capability in your own applications.


There is a booking system for all our Forge DevCon classes. So don't delay register today for Forge DevCon - or you may find these classes are already full.

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