11 Nov 2017

ConXTech: Rethinking the Job Site with Apple's ARKit + Forge

Rethink the Job Site... with Apple's ARKit !    Here's a sneak-peak video of what's coming to AU Monday!


ConXTech is "Rethinking the Job Site" with iPad's that can place "Virtual Sticky Notes" onto their building structures in a collaborative way.  These sticky-notes, actually BIM Issues/RFI's, also appear in real-time, in the Forge Viewer as a control-center dashboard.  What stands out for me, is the quality of tracking from Apple's new ARKit.  Not bad for a single camera!   Also worth mentioning is that the app was written in Unity and leverages the Forge platform.

The technology stack used for this 'ConXTech' collaboration was fun to code up.  It uses a serverless backend  (based on AWS Lambda, Nodejs, DynamoDB), a Vue.js frontend (with Three.js PointClouds) and the new Forge AR/VR Toolkit running inside Unity.

I will be posting the full source code in an upcoming blog - watch this space !


Come see a demo at the Forge Reality Playground Monday and the real thing at the ConXTech two level structure inside the exhibit hall Tues-Thurs.

See you in Vegas!

ps. If you have an AU ticket already, it's only $95 to sign up for Monday's DevCon classes


This week, we’re going to take a first look at something new that we hope might make things a little easier: the Forge AR|VR Toolkit which you’ll be able to try the tech preview starting November 13th, 2017

UPDATE:  You can sign up to the toolkit at beta.autodesk.com, and then select 'Forge AR|VR Toolkit'.  The beta site has a downloads section, tutorials and forum for the community to add your feedback.  There has been a delay with releasing the source code for this project, but please use the example source code on the beta signup page, until it's released.



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preview-AR-autodesk from mb on Vimeo.

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