6 Sep 2019

Classes at Forge DevCon Las Vegas

On November 18th in Las Vegas we'll be holding our 4th global Forge DevCon. As for the previous two years, this will be scheduled as a 'pre-conference' to Autodesk University. But don't let the 'pre-conference' bit fool you, Forge DevCon is a fully fledged conference in its own right. Of course, a lot of attendees will be staying in Vegas all week to get the full AU experience, but Forge DevCon is well worth the trip on its own - and around 20% of our attendees do just that. We're expecting over 1500 attendees just at Forge DevCon, and we're continuing our collaboration with the Connect & Construct Summit so that attendees at either conference can attend any class or keynote - that adds another 2500 attendees into the mix.


We've lined up 30 classes for you at Forge DevCon, and have ensured there's something for everyone. There will be deep technical classes for coders; roadmap, case study and business-oriented classes for business decision makers; and even a series of 'Learning Lab' classes to help those of you who are new to Forge get up and running. The classes are loosely broken into the following categories (which some classes spanning multiple categories). Click on the category name below to see the class lists:


  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction - Classes relevant to one or more disciplines within the general architecture, engineering and construction industries. Attendees interested in this track should also review the Cross Industry track.
  • Mechanical Design & Manufacturing - Classes relevant to one or more disciplines within the general mechanical design and manufacturing industries. Attendees interested in this track should also review the Cross Industry track.
  • Cross Industry - Classes that spans multiple industries or are industry agnostic.
  • Business - Classes relevant to someone interested in building a business on Forge, including 'roadmap' classes and keynotes.
  • Web Programming - Classes on general web programming topics not specifically linked to Forge.
  • Learning Lab - A set of hands on programming labs. This track is designed to provide a crash course in developing Forge applications, but is split up into 5 discrete classes. Stay all day to learn the entire syllabus, or just come in for the topics relevant to you.


In the coming weeks, I and some of our other Forge DevCon Track leads will be posting to this blog more detailed overviews of each of these tracks. In the meantime, what are you waiting for? Convince your manager today that he needs to send you to Forge DevCon Las Vegas - and then register for the conference tomorrow.


Can't come to Vegas? No worries - another great Forge DevCon venue is Darmstadt, Germany on October 14th. This is the day before and just down the road from Autodesk University. But,unlike AU Germany, Forge DevCon will be in English. This is a smaller event than the Las Vegas conference, but there is still a very strong class line-up, and we may even be announcing the launch of some new APIs there. We'll be sure to blog about those classes soon as well.





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