20 Jun 2022

Call for feedback: Model Derivative DWG translation changes

we want your feedback

The Model Derivative translation of DWG files is planning some changes in the output, aiming to increase performance and reduce processing times. At this time, we would like to hear your feedback and understand the workflows where DWG translations are used. Contact us via forge.help@autodesk.com.  
The current plan is to make the following changes to all DWGs uploaded to Autodesk Docs (BIM360 and ACC projects), and expose them as an option for OSS translations (3rd party apps will be able to choose from the current and next translation pipeline). 
Eliminate Design Purposed Properties, retain properties with a semantical value 

  • Remove all properties except string properties and ObjectId. (e.g. block names, attributes, dimension, mtext, leader text, layer etc.) 
  • Continue to extract all properties in the "Attributes" category from Blocks and custom entities. 

Switch extraction to Smart PDF for 2D models 

  • Construction users are used to PDF and it is the number one file format for our users. Moving to PDF for 2D viewing has benefits, namely:  
  • Native pdf viewing 
  • Reduced translation time 
  • Match PDF publishing from AutoCAD 

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