13 Mar 2022

BIM360/ACC Sample - Regularly export IFC from Revit models stored on Docs



Revit IFC conversion log

The Revit IFC Scheduler sample was first created by Daniel Claysonm, who is from our Global Consulting Delivery team. Great thanks to Daniel for this excellent tool.

This tool makes use of Model Derivative API, which allows you to convert a Revit `.rvt` file stored in BIM 360 Docs/Autodesk Docs to `.ifc` format on a scheduled or ad-hoc/on-demand basis. It includes the following functionalities:

  • Manage names of IFC settings set
  • Manage IFC conversion schedule per project scope by hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom (corn format)
  • Create ad-hoc/on-demand IFC conversion per project scope.

Before using this tool to create any IFC conversion job, first, you will need to add your IFC settings set names on the Settings page like the one below.

revit ifc scheduler settings


Want to know how to use this tool and its current limitation in detail?! No problem, please check README.md and User Guide


If you're going to run this sample on your machine and check its implementation, please check it at autodesk-platform-services/aps-revit.ifc.scheduler, and follow the instruction here: 


Have fun with APS (formerly Forge), BIM360 & ACC~

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