20 Sep 2019

BIM 360 Docs: Webhooks for data events from European Data Center

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BIM 360 data can be hosted on US or EU servers, that applies to everything, including webhooks definitions. So how to work with them?

The API is the same, but we need to specify from which location we want to access it with the x-ads-region header, using either US (default) or EMEA.

Apps that can be used with multiple accounts in multiple regions need to adjust for it. Here are a few tips:

1. See BIM 360 Account region on the hub. GET Hubs response should indicate it.

2. Folder and Files URNs will have an emea substring, that can be used to identify the region. As webhooks are applied to folder scope, that’s the way to proceed. Here is a quick sample in JavaScript (Nodejs) that demonstrates the idea:

'x-ads-region': (folderUrn.indexOf('wipemea') > 0 ? 'EMEA' : 'US')

3. When calling Webhooks API endpoints, remember to pass the x-ads-region header, this is required on create, list and edit. The same approach mentioned above can be used to pass the x-ads-region header.

Want to try it? This sample should handle it, give it a try. See the article here on how it works.

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