21 Jan 2020

BIM 360 Cost Management API Sample - Extract quantity using Revit API and generate budgets in BIM 360 Cost module

Extract quantity using Revit.IO and generate budgets in BIM 360 Cost module

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Besides the Export|Import cost information sample mentioned in blog post, here is another sample which simulate what Sigama 4D did, the sample is pretty simple but shows the main idea. 

This sample demonstrates extracting Revit element quantity information directly from model under BIM 360 using design automation for Revit service, and calculate the budget for each element based on the quantity and price which is stored in database. The sample also provides the ability to import the generated budgets directly into BIM 360 Cost Management module, and synchronize the Unit Price for each element between Cost module and Price Book database.

For more details, please check the source code on Github/Autodesk-Forge. Watch the video at YouTube, and Live Demo at https://revit-qto-bim360.herokuapp.com.

Enjoy coding with Forge:) 

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