13 Mar 2020

Autodesk’s first “Virtual Forge Accelerator”


With travel restricted in much of the world, we have decided to run a virtual Forge Accelerator. The strength of Autodesk Forge Accelerators has been enabling you to both have immediate help and guidance with your Forge powered projects in “real time,” and to develop personal relationships with Autodesk engineers that you can reach out to in the future should you need help “in a pinch”. We plan to deliver both of these: real-time, expert help dramatically shortening your learning and dev time and create trusting relationships with Forge experts at Autodesk, all as part of the upcoming Forge Virtual Accelerator.


Key to making this possible will be our providing Accelerator participants access to Autodesk Forge experts 24 x 7 via Slack (private and group live chat channels) and Zoom (live private and group discussions and screen sharing).



  • Are you new to Forge and want help to succeed in building your first Forge-powered Proof of Concept in just a few days?
  • Or are you experienced using Forge but want to “push its capabilities” to build a groundbreaking and delightful customer experience?
  • Do you need help integrating external data and BIM and/or BIM 360?
  • Do you want to create or extend a Digital Twin solution?
  • Are you trying to build viewing capabilities into your intranet or extranet that delivers high performance with the biggest models?
  • Are you trying to build a SaaS integration with ERP, CRM or 5D?
  • Do you need high quality photorealistic rendering from a web page?


If you answered "yes" to any of the above, come participate in the upcoming Autodesk Forge Virtual Accelerator starting Monday April 6th and running thru project ‘demo day” on Friday April 10th.


If you were unable to register for the first Virtual Accelerator, there's now a second Virtual Accelerator scheduled from April 20-24. There is plenty of space available, so be sure to submit your applications today.


Like all Autodesk Accelerators, it all starts with you proposing the project you want to accomplish during the Accelerator. So talk to your manager, your team, and your customers/users about what new Forge capabilities they would like built by you (and your team) in the first week of April. And go to the eventbrite page and register your proposed project for the Accelerator.



Unlike face-to-face Accelerators, Virtual enables us to bring the very best Autodesk engineers to the table from around the world, 24/7, for the whole week – and in a number of languages (English, German, French, Mandarin, Spanish and more).  So take advantage of this great opportunity to “break new ground” and dramatically accelerate your dev efforts. 


Please join the “first” (and second) Autodesk Forge Virtual Accelerator!



Jim Quanci

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