14 Dec 2022

Autodesk Premium Reporting API

usage information

Autodesk Premium Reporting API

We are happy to announce the availability of the sample on Autodesk Premium Reporting API.


This API provide Administrators of teams with Premium benefits access to usage reporting and export data for their Premium teams.

  • Usage Query: provides seat usage reporting data for Single User Subscriptions and token consumption reporting data for Flex Subscriptions.
  • Export Usage: provides daily seat usage and token consumption by end-user by product for Premium teams.

The complete documentation can be found here 

Benefits of Premium Reporting Sample

  1. The Sample allows to view the data without going through the background details.

Usage Information

                Usage Information

  1. The Chart.js library allows you to visualize your data.

Chart using charts.js library


  1. The Sample allows you to link meta data with the given set of response information.
  2. The meta data could be Geographical location, Country, Project, Department, Skill level, Cost Center.

 ​Meta Data Mapping

Meta Data Mapping

Meta data Mapping Using Primary Key


  1. The Sample has certain use cases as per your requirement, few logics are-

     Reports and visualizations that can help drive the below use cases

  • Inactive users (have not used the software in 30 days)
  • Identify potential flex candidates
  • Product users with usage 7 days or less per month
  • Identify Flex users that are exceeding the value of flex (usage of far more than 7 days per month) and would be more cost effective to move them to a full set of software
  • Identify Flex users that are using 2+ products daily for more than X days per month
  • Identify infrequent users or users who are only utilizing one product from a collection.
  • Identify users using more than 1 product (AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, etc.) and could benefit moving to Collection
  • Identify the number of licenses available vs. licenses assigned/in use per department in each geo/country/city
  • Identify users on the same project(s) using different product version.
  • Identify product usage by user per cost center
  • Identify flex usage by user per cost center/department
  1. Not only it allows to export & view Metadata along with Usage Information but also an Export file can be downloaded to your local system.
  2. Furthermore, you may import the Export file in platforms like Power BI & Tableau, which are dynamic in nature.

Code Sample on GitHub

Postman Collection: Coming soon

Sample: https://github.com/autodesk-platform-services/aps-premium-report, a JavaScript implicit grant sample that demonstrates usage/ export queries, meta data linking, data analytics as well as visualization.

Web app: https://autodesk-platform-services.github.io/aps-premium-report/




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