29 Nov 2017

Autodesk Forge will be at Builtworlds 2017 Hackathon

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This upcoming weekend Autodesk Forge will be present at BuiltWorlds 2017 Hackathon. It's a weekend-long competition where all-star developers, makers, and built industry experts gather to hack solutions to burning built world problems. What's a built world problem? Anything affecting the world we live in — namely, our cities, buildings, and infrastructure. 


On Friday, December 1st, I will be hosting a pre-hackathon workshop at 7:30 pm. Together with 25 lucky attendees we'll learn about the power of Autodesk Forge and get them ready for the $4000 prize Software Challenge. Come join me so we can make the hacking start early! Here is a sneak peek!

See the Pen Forge Blog Post by Jaime Rosales D. (@jaimerosales) on CodePen.

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