18 Sep 2019

Autodesk Forge DevCon is an Event for Programmers and Non-Programmers

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Register Today for Forge DevCon in Las Vegas, November 18 as part of Autodesk University.

Years ago when Autodesk University (AU) started, it was almost solely about the classes that one could take to learn about using our software. Hence, the appeal to users of Autodesk software. Over the years, Autodesk University has evolved to include classes, exhibits, theater presentations, and a keynote that shares Autodesk's vision for the future. This has expanded its ability to provide benefits for users as well as those adjacent to users like the management executives of firms with users. There's even a Leadership Forum on the Monday of AU that addresses this very topic.

Forge DevCon is the largest gathering of Design and Engineering software professionals in the world. With a name like Forge DevCon, one would think that it is exclusively a Developer's Conference. The fact that DevCon focuses on classes in how to use Autodesk's Application Program Interfaces (APIs) reinforces that notion; however, DevCon is more than that. It's no secret that DevCon was moved from being a separate event to being held on the Monday of AU in the same location because there is synergy between DevCon and AU.

As Senior Manager Business Development for Forge, Stephen Preston, noted in a blog post last year, there are many reasons for non-programmers to attend Forge DevCon.

  • Forge DevCon is about understanding the art of the possible.
  • Forge DevCon is about using new technology to simplify and improve your workflows.
  • Forge DevCon is about discovering how industry leaders are finding new ways to solve old problems using new technologies (such as augmented reality, IoT, and machine learning).
  • Forge DevCon is about learning the new technologies that will underpin the next generation of Autodesk products.
  • Forge DevCon is about meeting (and sharing ideas with) lots of people with similar interests to your own.
  • As a leader or decision-maker at your company, you don’t need to know how to write code for yourself, but you do need to keep up to date with industry and technology trends so you can make the right decisions (and so you can request what programmers should write for you).
  • Other Forge developers and Forge Certified Systems Integrators exhibit in the Forge Village (networking area), giving you the opportunity to seek help and advice from people with proven track records of successfully helping customers develop and deploy cloud-based solutions that use Forge.
  • There’s strategic information in Autodesk keynote and Forge roadmap presentations. And outside these sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with Autodesk product managers and senior leadership to get a personalized take on how Autodesk technology can address your business problems.

So even if you're not a programmer (and there's no need to question your life choices now), you should still attend Forge DevCon. You'll be glad you did.


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