14 Jun 2023

Augment Fusion Data With Custom Properties: Call for private beta participation

We are excited to announce the next evolution of the Fusion Data APIs and invite you to participate in our beta program! This feature builds upon the valuable feedback we received from our previous beta and addresses feature requests, concerns, and bugs from the last iteration.  

The upcoming private beta will enable users to extend the fusion data model with custom properties, opening possibilities for seamless data integration and customization. During this beta phase you will be able to: 

  • Create/Manage property definitions once globally and use them in multiple Hubs. 
  • Set behavior on a property based on your use case - e.g., update version on property changes or simply attach values on a specific component/drawing version. 
  • Add properties to individual components and drawing versions in a standardized way.  
  • Leverage custom properties in Fusion 360 component property view and other navigation experiences. 

Duration/Timeline of this Private Beta:   

  • Timeframe:  ~Aug - Oct 2023 (Tentative).

          NOTE: Precise timeframe will be communicated closer to kick-off.

  •  Duration: ~ 8-10 weeks (about two and a half months) 

What can you expect during the event?  

  • We will provide documentation on the new feature, and it will be available through the Autodesk developer portal  
  • We will be sending out surveys throughout the event like the previous private beta program.  
  • We would also like to hear from you if you have ideas/ feature requests. 

NOTE: Custom data you add during the private beta will be purged/archived at the end of the private beta. 

How to enroll? 

Please note we will not be able to accept a large number of participants in the Private beta. However, these features will be available to the larger audience at Public Beta.  If you are interested in this feature and willing to test and give feedback, please contact us :

  • Send an e-mail to: aps-fusiondata-beta@autodesk.com    
  • Subject: “Interested in Fusion Data APIs Beta Testing”

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