25 Jan 2021

AU 2020 Forge recordings

Forge at AU 2020

Want to go back and relive some of your favorite Forge moments from Autodesk University 2020? We have all the video links available for you! Whether you want to see how companies are taking advantage of the digital transformation and convergence across industries, need a refresher on the Forge Hackathon winners, or just want to see some Autodesk leaders burn their taste buds off, we've got you covered.


Forge at AU Rewind

Catch a quick recap of all the Forge experiences at AU 2020. 

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Forge for Construction

Remote working, cloud collaboration, and ever-increasing ways to improve safety are all hallmarks of the “connected construction” revolution taking place in the Construction industry. These shifts were gaining importance before the COVID-19 pandemic, but in this “new normal,” they’re absolutely critical.

In the Forge for Construction Leadership Presentation at Autodesk University, Allison Scott, Director of Construction Thought Leadership, and Ron Locklin, Director of Global Business Strategy and Marketing for Forge, discuss how Forge is helping businesses not just adapt to these shifts but make giant leaps forward. We’re seeing customers use the Forge platform to solve industry challenges that have been as hard to topple as the buildings you build.

Learn more about the customer stories and Forge for Construction here.

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Forge for Manufacturing

The Forge for Manufacturing program called out how the manufacturing world is well on its way to becoming smarter and more efficient, particularly from the impact of COVID-19. Srinath Jonnalagadda, Vice President of GTM for Design & Manufacturing, and Brian Roepke, Senior Director and Head of Product for Forge, discuss how Forge’s cloud platform is enabling many new ways of making, such as creating digital twins that offer real-time insights into factory performance, connecting workflows and processes that were once fragmented, and much more. Take their word for it, but to further convince you, we also showcased a few customer stories that are reinventing how products are designed and made.

Learn more about the customer stories and Forge for Manufacturing here.

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Forge for Building Design

In the Forge for Building Design program, Vikram Dutt, Associate Vice President of Building Design Strategy & Marketing, and Greg Fallon, Vice President of Platforms & Technology Strategy, show you what’s possible when you embrace Forge and create entirely new ways of designing. The digital transformation for architects and engineers has gone into hyperdrive since the pandemic, and Forge provides many of the tools that can help you take advantage of the shift. We are so impressed with how our customers are solving industry challenges, from automating time-consuming processes to coordinating workflows for teams. Here are a few customers whose stories were featured and resonated around the globe.

Learn more about the customer stories and Forge for Building Design here.

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Forge for Civil Infrastructure

The infrastructure industry is facing a daunting challenge. To meet the demands of population growth, we need to build enough roads and rail to circle the earth 30 times, 20,000 more bridges every year, and 2,600 km of underground utilities – every day! While the demand rises, the workforce is diminishing, and existing infrastructure is aging too. Those are the challenges, but we also see so much opportunity.

The industry’s digital transformation is helping to solve long-standing inefficiencies and problems, and this is where Forge comes in. The Forge platform enables entirely new ways of getting your megaprojects from design to completion. We’re showing you how in our Forge for Infrastructure Leadership Presentation at Autodesk University, featuring Theo Agelopoulos, Senior Director of Infrastructure Strategy & Marketing, and Jim Quanci, Senior Director of Forge Partner Development.

Learn more about the customer stories and Forge for Civil Infrastructure here.

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Forge Hackathon Showcase

The first virtual Forge Hackathon took place during the week of November 9-13, as part of Autodesk University 2020. More than 100 participants formed 30 teams across 10 time zones to code Forge applications during the week and tackle the 5 challenges, which were graded on the criteria of innovation, elegance, business problem solved, progress made during the week, depth of Forge use, and wow factor.

Learn more about the judging criteria, the challenges, and the winners here.

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Forge Fire Faceoff

Tune in to hear our host, Whitney Lawrence, Marketing Program Manager, chat with Greg about things like the new Platform and Technology group, convergence, diversity, the future of Forge and so much more. You can also catch other Autodesk leadership cameos from Susanna Holt, VP of the Forge Platform, Scott Reese, SVP of Manufacturing, Cloud, and Production Products, and Scott Borduin, CTO.

Learn more about the show here.

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