27 Nov 2017

Accessing the new Webhooks API

The Webhooks API Beta was announced at Forge DevCon Las Vegas. This first version of the API allows you to listen for events from the Data Management API only. Support for other APIs will be added in the future. 

Documentation for the Forge Webhooks API is available at https://developer.autodesk.com/en/docs/webhooks/v1, and a sample application with source code is documented here.

In order to access to the Webhooks Beta API, your application must be 'whitelisted'. Send a Forge app client ID to forge.webhooks.beta.appsupport@autodesk.com along with your contact details (name, company, email address used for your Autodesk Id, and phone number) and we will enable the Webhooks API for your app.

Please send feedback on the API, documentation, or what you would like to see added or changed in the Webhooks API to forge.webhooks.beta.appsupport@autodesk.com.   This email goes directly to the Webhooks API team.  




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