19 Apr 2021

9 classes to inspire your 2021 AU class proposal

We are ramping up for Autodesk University 2021. Call for proposals is open and Forge is looking for great case studies and stories from the community. We want to hear about your Forge-powered applications. What challenge do they solve? How are you and your customers benefiting from the solution?

This year we are particularly looking to hear from companies that have solutions covering

  • Automation
  • Visualization
  • Enterprise integration

Need some examples to get an idea of what we’re talking about? Here are 9 classes from AU 2020 that can inspire your 2021 class proposals.


1.    Serverless, Rules-Based Design Automation with Forge and Azure

Learn how Design Automation for Revit can reduce tedious work and free up resources. This class describes Goldbeck's experience in the development of their very own cloud services for the automation of model checking. Goldbeck's BIM (Building Information Modeling) department is cooperating with Autodesk in the definition and creation of a framework for automating the execution of standard checks. The project aims to capitalize on cloud computing to increase the overall quality level and free up resources for other tasks.

Presented by: Jan Christoph Kulessa - Goldbeck and Giulio Pagan


2.     Automatic BIM Standards Checking in BIM 360

Discover how BIM standards can be checked through a set of computer programs instead of manually. In this class Varun Bhartiya, the CEO and Co-founder of nCircle Tech, explains how they’ve automated the process of checking BIM standards in the building design within BIM 360 software.

Presented by: Varun Bhartiya – nCircle Tech


3.   The AEC Product Owner: A New Role Bred Out of the Necessity for Change

Hear real-world examples of how product owners have driven the success of development projects.

Many AEC firms struggle to get the most out of their developers. Establishing the product owner role at your firm can help. This presentation addresses the responsibilities and benefits of an AEC product owner. These topics are discussed from the viewpoints of virtual design and construction (VDC) personnel looking for a new challenge, an acting product owner, and how developers benefit from the role.

Presented by: Larisa Flory, Justin Lipsey, and James Malcolm – SSOE


4.   The Multidisciplinary Engineering Collaboration Hub at Andritz

In this session, Andritz AG looks at ideal workflows for transferring and managing data models from Mechanical, Plant and Process engineering into BIM 360 Docs. Based on a real-world experience, they share best practices and lessons learned on how to synchronize engineering data from model authoring systems into the Cloud.

Presented by: Bettina Klemke, Christian Gartner – Andritz and Jochen Andoerfer - Autodesk


5.     Sales Engineering Automation Using Forge, Fusion Lifecycle, and Vault

In this session, we explore how a configurator technology built on Forge, in conjunction with Fusion Lifecycle and Vault software, provides a seamless and integrated solution to achieve increased sales, reduced engineering cycle times, and ultimately greater efficiency. Using only a web browser, sales staff or even prospective customers can configure a product to their unique requirements and receive immediate visual feedback and a professional quotation

Presented by: Ryan Small – SolidCAD and Mark Gartner


6.    There Is an Easier Way to Do That: Lessons Learned in Three Years of Forge Dev

This class will guide you through the journey of more than three years of challenges, changing the mindset from developing single-user desktop-based BIM solutions to a more collaborative and inclusive cloud-based environment. Learn how our team overcame difficult decisions, and how Forge empowered our business to develop feature-rich apps with less effort.

Presented by: Raphael Rodrigues – Onbox and Thiago Almeida – Blackbird Industries


7.     Revit, Forge, ERP - Smart solution for medium sized construction companies

Grimm GmbH wanted to digitalize all their running corporate processes. Therefore, they decided to develop a collaboration platform called "Zapper". This online solution, based on Autodesk Forge technology, allows the connection of deep Autodesk Revit knowledge with standardized ERP-Systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365. The Zapper app supports the whole company’s infrastructure in a smart way. This solution allows management, project partners, all employees and clients to collaborate simply and with high efficiency.

Presented by: Matthias Fuchs, Martin Loucka and Julius Grim


8.  Combining Forge and Machine Learning to Automate Time-Consuming Tasks

With the evolution of machine learning and introduction of the Forge Design Automation API, EMDC Group was able to automate processes, saving tremendous amounts of time and improving the team's efficiency. This class aims to present a sample of what was built in-house to give attendees an idea about the tasks that can nowadays be automated and the potential that artificial intelligence and cloud computing introduce into the AEC industry.

Presented by: Rana Zeitouny – EMDC Group and Majd Makhlouf - Building Information Researchers and Developers OÜ


9.  Unite! Innovative BIM Workflows for Industrialized Construction.

Gain insight into the Scandinavian way of industrialized construction, and see how a cross-disciplinary collaboration with the software development team of Project Frog has enabled new possibilities to aid in design for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA) and BIM workflows. We showcase both a large-scale hospital and a smaller-scale set of high-end prefabricated housing.

Presented by: Soren Shen-Lung Lin, Bridget White – Nordic Office of Architecture and Steve Dewitt – Project Frog


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